• Product and Service Excellence

    Our products are designed to serve our customers’ needs.

  • Innovation and Reliability

    Industry leading product standards, with complimentary technical support and customisation, a perfect combination

  • Reliable Employer

    SELS aims to be a responsible employer by having a “above-50 ” hire scheme and committed social responsible company through the development of more efficient-energy saving emergency lighting.


SELS Process and Methodology

SELS’s mission is to deliver both Product and Service Excellence through Innovation and Reliability. Our products are designed to serve our customers’ needs. SELS delivers beyond industry product standards, ensuring that our manufacturing process utilises the highest quality components, combined with stringent quality control (QC) standards.  On top of great products, SELS offer complimentary technical support and customisation to our esteemed clients.  SELS is also planning to launch the first-of-its-kind in Singapore; self-test central control and monitoring system for all emergency lightings which will help the industry achieve as much as 80% cost savings by removing the current labour intensive testing procedure.thodology

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